Director and Manager

I have over 20 years’ experience of the culture of academic research. I do organisational leadership, project management and delivery, financial control and planning, human resources, strategy development and delivery, and problem-solving. I also make the coffee.

Strategic Manager – A leader of operations, budgets, personnel, project & risk management. Founder of ClimateUEA, copied across all of UEA’s intellectual pillars.

Science communicator – pioneer applying the science of climate change communication

Impact achiever – REF2014 rates Tyndall Centre partners as leaders in UK Impact

Policy engager – science communication on projects for UK Gov IPCC, EU, UNFCCC, Local Authorities

Capacity-builder – science communication training for EU projects and GCRF-funded projects, EU expert

Digital deliverer – Tyndall online climate voice equivalent to UK Met Office, NASA

Policy dialoguer – UNFCCC observer since 2000, EU, UK, UN

Public participator – Art-Climate exhibition 2016, RHS Chelsea Flower Show Medal 2008

Non-academic – though long ago contributed to 11 papers about the field experiments that underpin biodiversity and ecosystem services

Fundraiser – I bring research and consultancy income and engage with charities, philanthropists and other funders

I train the theory and practice of the science of climate change communication to researchers, in three continents so far. Feedback on my workshops, first devised with Adam Corner of Climate Outreach, is frequently 9/10 and 10/10.

This is a selection of some research projects where I guide and capacity build stakeholder engagement and communication, with current projects listed  first. It is not an exhaustive list, much of my work and strategy advice is adhoc and informal.