Science Brief

Photo by the Office of Naval Research

ScienceBrief is a novel online platform that makes sense of scientific publications. It is written by experts from around the world. ScienceBrief helps scientists to select new scientific evidence and incorporate it into existing scientific assessments.

ScienceBrief is a transparent, continuous, and rapid system for deciding if, and to what extent, new publications alter current knowledge. ScienceBrief shows the status and strength of scientific consensus in critical areas such as climate change and biodiversity, and highlights controversies and research needs. ScienceBrief combines the power of IT and the beauty of Science in support of society.

ScienceBrief has developed a collaborative and machine-assisted (AI) approach to help keep up with the evidence deluge and make sense of growing – and sometimes conflicting – evidence.

ScienceBrief is a vessel supporting and supplementing existing global report, such as the IPCC and IPBES, which are focused on critical issues of our time.

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